Sculpt Surfboards Cruiser The Sculpt Cruiser is a super fun single fin allowing easy rides with the full volume and flat rocker, making this board great to paddle and perform flowing turns on waves. Usually ridden as a single fin, the additional side biter fins act as a “two plus one set up” which adds extra control to the craft. A great board to fall in love with offering easy surfing for those flat days when you need some extra foam underneath your feet and carving arcs and turns with single fin simplicity. Key features: 2 + 1 fin set-up, Easy paddling, great mini mal alternative . Best conditions: All conditions up to 5ft.

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Sculpt's THRWBCK is a super fun semi-fish with a flat rocker and wide outline into a wide short board tail, allowing high performance surfing in ultra mush up too peeling point break. The THRWBCK features a prominent hip at the side fins and finishes into a wide-rounded square tail for plenty of control and liveliness, like an awesome 80’s dance floor. It's wide outline and full foil makes it paddle like a dream. Versatile and fun for all skill levels. Highly recommend X Core Reactor and five-fin box combo to suit the best high performance fin sets. Key features: Flat rocker, rolled entry and wide outline. Best conditions: Sloppy beach breaks from knee high to overhead peelers.

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