Donut Dagger twin
The Donut Dagger twin is the latest reincarnation of one of our favourites. We have adapted this model to be a specialised high performance twin fin with the option of a trailer fin. The main feature that has carried through from the old model is the outline, Its almost unchanged still featuring a side cut outline with the only adjustment having the flyer moved back to the rear of the side fins.The fins are now installed in a twin fin position further back in the board with deep double channels exiting the tail for extra bite. We have lowered the racker and filled the foil out for better flow between and during turns. The deck is now quite flat with a turned down rail for carving through the water. recommended swallow tail for the balance of planing area and bite on rail. Ride this board around 2 litres more than your standard short board and 2/3 inches shorter. This is an extremely versatile board for 1/6 ft waves of all conditions.  

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The boxer is our new all-round performer, developed over the last six months with team rider Teale Vanner. This model is their go-to board for everything from waste high beach breaks to over head Indonesian reefs. Its outline and rocker are both continuous curves that give the surfer a nice predictable feel, drive and flow. With a little extra double concave in the fin area offering speed and control, the boxer offers it all; Speed, Control and Flow.

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Trunk Junk
With the release of our new SB Boxer all-rounder, we decided to revamp an old favourite - the Trunk Junk. We shaved 1 1/4 inches off the length, filled out the foil through the nose a little, and extended the nose rocker to curve away from the front foot area to increase performance and paddling. the other major change is in the tail, where we added a smaller flyer or "bump" instead of a hip to accentuate the pivot point. This then tapers into a soft diamond tail for a nice balance of forgiveness vs. control. Best Conditions: Beach breaks 2/6ft.

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The Sculpt Shorty is the all round short board perfect for hollow reefs, powerful point breaks, fun beachies and sick pits. Featuring a modern flowing outline and rocker matched with a responsive rail shape for speed and control. Key features: Clean flowing outline, single flowing nose to tail rocker, single concave to moderate V tail. Best conditions: All awesome short board waves, you know what they are.

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Cheese Burger
The Cheese Burger is our latest summer shred weapon. We’ve taken the forgiving and flowing characteristics of the THRWBCK and spliced them with the performance of the Two Step to create a high performance hybrid shortboard/semi-fish. The result is a board that can be pushed hard even when the waves are lacklustre, but can still be taken to some head high bowling conditions with aggression. Key Features: Medium entry/exit rocker, Cut out hoof tail & Tail channels. Best Conditions: 1-6 ft Versatile in punchy waves.

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Bowl Pole
  The Sculpt BOWL POLE is a one board quiver. It’s a light, compact, versatile board to travel the world’s oceans and perform great across almost any conditions. Featuring a medium entry rocker, rounded pin, extra volume under the front and rear foot and a slight double concave on the deck under the rear foot removing unnecessary volume under the toe and heal to increase control. Key features: Double concave deck at tail, deep single concave under front foot to generate speed. Best conditions: 1-6 ft Versatile in punchy waves.

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Couch Surfer
The Couch Surfer is a retro style fish with a classic low rocker and full foil, perfect for those days when you want plenty of foam under your feet. The Couch surfer features something a little different with a rolled vee through the nose into a mild single concave under the front foot finishing with a V tail for easy moves and soul turns. Ride the Sculpt Couch Surfer as a twinnie or a quad set for best results. Key features: Rolled v entry, mild single, V concave. Wide swallow tail. Best conditions: Great from sloppy 1ft to 4ft point break.

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Sculpt's THRWBCK is a super fun semi-fish with a flat rocker and wide outline into a wide short board tail, allowing high performance surfing in ultra mush up too peeling point break. The THRWBCK features a prominent hip at the side fins and finishes into a wide-rounded square tail for plenty of control and liveliness, like an awesome 80’s dance floor. It's wide outline and full foil makes it paddle like a dream. Versatile and fun for all skill levels. Highly recommend X Core Reactor and five-fin box combo to suit the best high performance fin sets. Key features: Flat rocker, rolled entry and wide outline. Best conditions: Sloppy beach breaks from knee high to overhead peelers.

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Two Step
The most popular Sculpt craft is the Two Step, a great small wave short board. Fun in good, powerful waves but it speeds through the slower fatter sections featuring the wider outline, boxier rail and fuller foil to provide the performance you love in the small stuff. Great for the Sydney beaches and essential in any quiver all year round. Key features: Fuller foil, single, double, V-double concave. Recommend thumb tail. Best conditions: 0.5/4ft beach breaks

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